Thursday, September 20, 2001

Yesterday, Jerry Falwell blamed the attacks in New York City on feminists, pro-choicers, homosexuals and others who supposedly had caused God to lift his "protective shield" from our country. A few weeks before, the Bush administration had announced that the drive to split up Bill Gates' Microsoft monopoly would be abandoned. Between these two events, dozens of suicide bombers who seem to have been acting on behalf of (and with the funding of) an authoritarian regime of the wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen (the Taliban, being essentially a Middle Eastern combination of Bill Gates and Jerry Falwell) brought down seven major buildings in the center of NYC and also destroyed part of the Pentagon, setting it on fire. What if this attack had been the other way around, and Jerry Falwell and Bill Gates had gotten together to fund some White Power / Christian Identity wingnuts to go suicide bomb the Saudi Arabia dictatorship? As far as I can see this a war between competing factions of the wealthy and the powerful; indeed there are American foreign policy issues that need to be reworked immediately if this type of attack is to be thwarted in the future, but it seems to me that the vast majority of the victims of our foreign policy would never wish such on attack on the working-class majority that suffered under it on September 11. Especially in light of recent press releases denouncing the tyrannical (at one time, U.S. backed) Taliban regime in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Therefore though it is of course important to educate oneself on the situation in the Middle East in order to put it in context, I think it is a grave mistake for anyone to see this event as the exploited peoples of the Middle East fighting back. Actually, I think it is exactly what Bin Laden, Bush, the Taliban, Bill Gates and the Defense Industry want; it is in fact, a small price to pay for the masters of the planet to have an excuse to transition from an already brutal form of capitalism to an even more brutal form; one in which all aspects of society have been militarized, civil liberties have been restricted and the encroachment of Big Brother is more intense than ever before.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Well I am going to be taking a class on Noam Chomsky, who the New York Times calls the most important intellectual alive today. I am really looking forward to it; I already finished the Writers and Readers CHOMSKY FOR BEGINNERS book. It took about two hours to read and was a very good overview, as usual with the FOR BEGINNERS series. The class is to require us to keep a journal, so I am hoping that this weblog will be an acceptable location for this, so that I can share my learning with the rest of the world as well.
I can't believe what is happening to this country. It seems that it is only a matter of time before we militarize the whole damn thing under this "Operation Noble Eagle" "Homeland Defense" crap. Having just returned to the United States from Mexico, I now know first hand what a militarized country looks like. Everywhere you go, there are machine-gun wielding security gaurding banks, public plazas, the highways, just everywhere. Rather than a sense of security, it creates a sense of insecurity and tension. I hope that this is not the kind of country we are moving towards in "El Norte."